How do some movies get green-lit?

You would think with the huge number of people that would love to make movies in Hollywood that it would be loaded with talented individuals with brilliant ideas. Apparently not.

Somehow, movies like HellBaby get the green light to be made. They even get an advertising budget that includes enough to get “viral marketing” things like the hellbaby prank that was popular enough to get to the front page of Reddit and millions of views. But no level of marketing can overcome a crappy movie, with the exception of franchises like Transformers that rely on the brand of the toy and past successful movies to draw in families and those with a sense of nostalgia.

There must be some nepotism or back-room blowjobs going on to get things made with so little creative merit. They’reĀ almost guaranteed to be terrible and flop, yet some suit in a room looks at some numbers and thinks to himself, “this could make us money.” How that decision gets made is a mystery to laymen who look at the concept and the script from the outside and say, “this is crap and will never make money because it’s a terrible idea and a terrible script.” Somehow that simple 5 minute analysis is missing from these decisions to make these movies.

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These superhero movies

So many different superhero movies are coming out every year, and each one has guys and girls in amazing “comic book hero” shape. Just look at this pic of Chris Pratt from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out soon:
jacked dude

This guy played a dork on Community and yet here he is a few months later looking like he’s a dedicated bodybuilder. How is that possible?

I personally think it’s steroids. No amount of training and nutrition can make the human body produce more muscle than it’s naturally capable of. The only thing that can do that is testosterone. It’s especially obvious with actors like Ed Norton who swell up from nothing and then shrink back down immediately after their role is done.

I mean I could buy a mountain of weight lifting equipment and it wouldn’t matter because unless I’m willing to train and eat perfectly for years, I won’t achieve anywhere near that level of development. And it’s really hard to stick with a program like that for years without seeing the immediate results that guy in Hollywood do when they take a cycle of steroids.

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